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What People Are Saying About  “The Boy Who Was Loved by the Wind”


“Absolutely magnificent! An incredibly beautiful story. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I listened intently. The music made it come to life in a way I cannot explain. My soul was ushered into another realm. Well done!”  Cheryl C.

“I love your story! It is an amazing goose-bump maker!  My husband and I sat and listened together last night (eyes closed) and enjoyed it so much.  I was blown away and my hubby said he got lost in it!  The music is wonderful too and really adds to the drama. It left me thinking of all the  possible themes and what it could mean to different people.”   Heather M.

“Very sweet with a powerful message. I enjoyed it and the background music.  Well done!”  Kay N.

“It’s quite lovely . . . yes, the music really goes with the story. Just delightful! Thanks for sharing!”  Cindy W.

“I was so tremendously touched and impressed by your beautiful story, and I’m not quite sure if it was just hearing your voice again after so many years, or the way you transported me to a realm that made me want to listen to each word so attentively. I’ve listened to it twice already, and I just wanted to congratulate you on a brilliant effort. The story captivates the listener from the beginning, and you did a great job incorporating the music to create some real magic.  I was also quite impressed with your soothing voice relating the story so well. I could feel your heart speaking the words, which is why a project like this will be so successful for you.I loved the way you incorporated the phrasing when you used the word ‘almost’ at the end of key prose. Very well done. ”  John M.

“This a lovely story.  It is very creative–I could see the images.  Thank you so much for sending it to us. It is perfectly timed for Thanksgiving and the fall leaves coming down as I write this.”  Teena S.

“I was quite taken by your story. The ending was particularly memorable as very dramatically ‘almost’ became ‘always.’ The audio quality of the voice work was excellent as well.  Finally, I see what you mean about the music. The changes in the music significantly help set the tone and mood of each section. And the cuts are particularly suited for each chapter.   Your audio story was excellent content wise, technical quality and background music selection.” Rich J.

“What a great story! I love it. I’m sure my kids will enjoy it too.” Andrew A.

“Wow. That is beautiful. You’re certainly right that it seems more for adults than for children. I’m not sure that this is just because of the music, though. The story just seems more adult in nature. It’s sort of allegorical or something. Certainly it’s structure is fascinatingly poetic, what with the repetitions of those ‘always’ lines and the final change to when he believes in the wind ‘always.’  I can see how you were amazed by the way the music perfectly suited the story’s structure. It fits right down to the lengths of the pieces you used.”  E.J. von S.

“I could identify with the boy at different points with the wind–actually in all the seasons.  My favorite was in the meadow in the summer.  I could also relate to the winter wind (after living in Colorado–with our snow storms).  You did a really good job at describing mankind in many ways–receiving freely and mistakenly believing that it is all up to what we have accomplished without recognizing the input of others (especially God) into our lives.  I loved the music!  I feel like you did a really good job at picking music that flows with the mood of the story!  At the very beginning, your description of the wind made me think of the Holy Spirit–but then I wasn’t sure if that was intended or not.  I think your storyline is very practical.  Your personification of the wind is great!  The emotions that are elicited on both sides (the boy and the wind) are very real, and one can easily identify with.  I agree with David . . . from a Christian Worldview I can see the wind representing God pursuing us.  Our enamorment with the effects of God yet not fully loving Him as He has loved us.  Then God stopping His pursuit of us and our searching to find what once was so real in our life.  And then . . . seeking forgiveness and beginning to fully understand the love we have for God.   Now, I would be curious what people with other worldviews would think if they heard it.” Lisa N.

“I could sense the tension between what is real and what we perceive to be real.  The boy wanted the wind to speak to him in words he understood and not hearing in methods that he understood left him in a state of uncertainty. Then when he sensed the wind had abandoned him (which actually requires belief) you can see that he begins to resent the wind.   I appreciate the fact that God always pursues, always forgives, and always loves as you have represented in the wind metaphor. I think the story will be effective in causing people to think. I am reminded that everything that I have and everything that I am has been given to me from Him and I am grateful, which is appropriate for Thanksgiving.”   Dave N.

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