Experimenting With Sound

In an audio story, does the inclusion of orchestra film music and sound effects enhance the vividness of the images created in the participants’ imaginations? To answer that question, I created a sound experiment and a survey to test the above research question.   One of my stories2music stories—Aurora’s Secret—has music and  sound effects, so I used that […]

Can You Hear It?

Let’s try an experiment.  Listen to these film music excerpts.  As you listen, jot down what the music is communicating to you.   Excerpt 1 Excerpt 5 Excerpt 2 Excerpt 6 Excerpt 3 Excerpt 7 Excerpt 4 Excerpt 8 If you are like most people who have been exposed to film music for many years, […]

A Flash of Story and Music

“For sale: Baby shoes, never worn.”  Believe it or not, those six words are a story.  According to Josh Jones, an urban legend claims that the story was allegedly written by Ernest Hemingway to settle a bar bet that he couldn’t write a six-word story.  David Mikkelson said, “Papa won the bet: His short story […]