Adventures in Sound

How many of you recognize this radio broadcast? On Halloween in 1938, radio listeners experienced the scare of their lives when they heard that Martians had landed on Earth.  The broadcast of Orson Wells’ War of the Worlds supposedly caused a mass panic because it was presented as a news broadcast, so listeners believed it […]

Experimenting With Sound

In an audio story, does the inclusion of orchestra film music and sound effects enhance the vividness of the images created in the participants’ imaginations? To answer that question, I created a sound experiment and a survey to test the above research question.   One of my stories2music stories—Aurora’s Secret—has music and  sound effects, so I used that […]

Imagine This!

The bird flew. When you read those words, your imagination probably conjured up an image of a bird flying.  You pictured a bird from your memory, and you saw the image of how the bird was flying—soaring, flapping wings, swooping, etc.  This sentence gave your imagination complete freedom to determine the bird and its flight. […]

Can You Hear It?

Let’s try an experiment.  Listen to these film music excerpts.  As you listen, jot down what the music is communicating to you.   Excerpt 1 Excerpt 5 Excerpt 2 Excerpt 6 Excerpt 3 Excerpt 7 Excerpt 4 Excerpt 8 If you are like most people who have been exposed to film music for many years, […]